Care Provider Registry

The Khobcare LLC Caregiver Registry is a database of specially screened caregivers who are looking to work for Khobcare LLC recipients/consumers. This is a free service available to all Khobcare LLC recipients. Please note, all Khobcare LLC caregivers are a part of our registry. The client's registry has an application process separate from Provider Enrollment Registry. ​If you are a potential client please call the office for further assistance,

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How to register?

Active Khobcare LLC  providers interested in joining the registry can submit an application along with their work history and two professional references.  All applications must have a wet signature.

(Applications with an electronic/typed signature will be returned)

The Caregiver Registry is a referral service and does not guarantee employment. As of January 1, 2021, the current pay rate for Khobcare LLC caregivers is negotiable based on professional background experience. 

Application Process

Online Application: Please see "Additional Resources" and double click "Employment Application". You can e-mail or mail the PDF application. Khobcare LLC will e-mail you with further information if needed. (Applications with an electronic/typed signature will be returned).

Applications can be submitted via:

Please ensure you have completed Provider Enrollment prior to applying for the Caregiver Registry.


If you already have a Khobcare LLC recipient/consumer who would like to hire you, you DO NOT need to apply to the Registry. Instead, please contact the office to have your recipient register today. 

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