A poem from a CNA -Future Nurse!

The Art of Being a Nurse

The Art of Being a Nurse, Is not quite that simple. It's more than just cleaning up a cut or popping a pimple. The Art of Being a Nurse, Has it's ups and downs. One minute you're doing fine and on time, Then the next someone's on the ground. The Art of Being a Nurse, Is way more than having a degree. It's about knowing what not to do, With someone who's ruptured their spleen. The Art of Being a Nurse, Is highly rewarding. Especially when you help that guy who has suffered from hoarding. They always say to this day, That the world could use more nurses. Then they take the money they make To go out and buy new purses. The Art of Being a Nurse, Is the job of true angels. For they can see, taste, and smell it all from different angles. I may just be a CNA, And not a Registered Nurse. But one day I promise I will Be the best at healing the bad things first. Remember to keep in mind that without nurses or doctors in our world, not a lot of people would live to see another day. So, be kind to someone today and thank a nurse or doctor. They will never forget the fact that you appreciated them so much.

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