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Home Care Services

"What makes us different"?

Advocating for senior care as a Home Care Organization

Our Mission and Care

KHOBCARE HOME CARE delivers non-medical home care services and transportation services across the central valley. KHOBCARE HOME CARE stands tall as a beacon of support and comfort, providing invaluable non-medical home care services along with reliable transportation services throughout the expansive Central Valley region. With years of dedicated experience, KHOBCARE HOME CARE has positioned itself as a trusted partner, offering compassionate and comprehensive care to individuals and families seeking assistance with their daily needs.


The non-medical home care services provided by KHOBCARE HOME CARE encompass a wide range of essential tasks, ensuring that clients can maintain their independence and comfort in their own homes. Whether it's assisting with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, or grooming, or providing companionship and meaningful engagement to prevent social isolation, KHOBCARE HOME CARE's team of compassionate caregivers is committed to meeting each client's unique needs. They understand that every individual has their own preferences and routines, and they strive to adapt their services accordingly, fostering a sense of familiarity and respect for clients' personal choices.


In addition to non-medical home care, KHOBCARE HOME CARE also offers transportation services that make it easier for clients to access necessary appointments, attend social events, run errands, or simply connect with their community. Whether it's a doctor's visit, a grocery trip, or a leisurely outing, KHOBCARE HOME CARE's reliable transportation services ensure that clients have the flexibility and independence they need to fully participate in life.


KHOBCARE HOME CARE's services are not limited to the physical aspects of care; they also recognize the importance of emotional and mental well-being. Their caregivers are trained to be empathetic listeners, offering a supportive presence and fostering meaningful connections with clients. They understand that sometimes, all one needs is a warm smile, a listening ear, or a conversation to uplift spirits and spark joy.


At KHOBCARE HOME CARE, quality is paramount. They employ a rigorous screening process to ensure that only the most compassionate, experienced, and trustworthy caregivers are selected to provide clients with the best possible care. Their caregivers undergo thorough background checks, reference checks, and training programs to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge. This unwavering commitment to quality gives clients and their families peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are in safe and capable hands.



HCO is a non-medical home care provider. We provide personal care assistance, companionship, and other non-medical services to help our clients maintain their independence and quality of life. We do not provide medical care services, such as skilled nursing care, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. If you need medical care services, please consult with your doctor or other healthcare provider.

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